photo by Jennifer Moher

Hi. I'm Fiona! - a Toronto and Halifax Wedding photographer. 

I share my time between the East Coast in Halifax and Toronto. I love the best of both worlds - being close to the ocean at any time and being right in the city of where I grew up. I love living with my best friend and hanging out with our sweet 80lb greyhound.  I secretly love being awkward and hopelessly ungraceful. I can eat all day long and will do so if given the chance. 

What I believe in: 

I believe in doing all things with the heart. I believe in waking up early to catch the sunrise and staying up late to watch the stars. I believe in exploring trails and falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean. I believe perfect is boring and that the best comes out of imperfection. I believe weddings should be 100% you and what you want, not what pinterest or others say it should be. 

What I do: 

Being a wedding photographer has allowed me to grow more compassion, empathy and appreciation for the little things and moments in life. I aim to document so your day so you can spend the next 50 years reliving those feelings you felt whether it's the moment you saw your love for the first time, or when you hear your best friend's speech or even, when you and your closest friends rip it up on the dance floor. 

I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait to meet you! 


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