Ghent, Belgium | Travel

I think it’s safe to say Ghent was one of my favourite cities in Europe. I did travel to a good share of cities during my visit there however, Ghent still remains up at the top. This under-rated city of Ghent is located in the Flemish region of Belgium. 

Ghent is largely a university town and really quite quaint. The architecture of the buildings were very medieval and of the Flemish style that I had really grown to love, living in the Flemish-inspired Northern region of France. The pictures really don't do justice for the beauty of this city.

Two things that I loved about the city was the fact that it was very bike friendly and vegetarian friendly. To be honest, the only reason I wanted to come to Ghent was because Ghent has the world’s largest number of vegetarian restaurants per capita. And although I’m not longer a vegetarian but now a flexitarian, I really enjoy eating at vegetarian restaurants. I love being able to try new foods and it’s always so impressive how restaurants are able to come up with such creative ways to cook and create food without any meat! The city even promotes a meat-free days on Thursdays called Donderdag Veggiedad!

In short, I didn’t spend enough time in the city and would love to visit it again!