Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia | Travel

I could spend endless hours on Pinterest. I love the idea of being able to organize all my ideas in visual form. Gone are the days of cutting and pasting from magazines. I have boards with recipes, bucket list travel destinations, art and photography inspirations, and much more.

I first found out about Plitvice Lakes National Park because of a particular Pinterest pin of must visit places in the world. This link featured the most beautiful of places, some of which are hard to believe exist because of the sheer beauty of the pictures. Plitvice Lakes is a large 300 square kilometer park that consists of 16 connecting lakes, featuring waterfalls and cascades.

When my friends and I decided to do a trip to Croatia, to be honest, I wasn’t sure of the geographic location of the country. Sure, I’ve heard it once or twice but after doing some research, this is what I came up with.

1. It was where Game of Thrones is filmed.
2. It was where Plitvice Lakes was located.
3. Croatia isn’t well connected with trains.  

Unfortunately, GoT was being filmed in Dubrovnik and there was no way to get there in the amount of time we had. Plitvice Lakes also ended up being no where really near where we were planning to fly in and out of. Having no access to a car and the country’s lack of a well-developed train system, enter weeks of planning and uncertainty of whether or not we’d make it to the park. Fortunately, we made it out alive despite being super close to hitch hiking. It all went and passed and was all really worth it.

Plitvice Lakes is as pretty as they make it out to be on the internet. My photos may not do it justice since it was very rainy and gloomy. There were lakes and waterfalls everywhere we turned and the water was the clearest I’ve ever seen. I really do recommend anyone visiting Croatia to visit it!

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