Versailles, Paris, France | Travel

Living an hour by train from Paris gave me a great excuse to visit Paris whenever possible. There were always countless things to do in Paris. We would go there for day trips and overnight trips for whatever reason. I remember making day trips just to go shopping or just to visit a museum.

The purpose of this particular trip to Paris was to visit Versailles. Now this was my second time visiting the Palace but hadn’t had the chance to go inside the first time and boy, was it worth it! To be completely honest, I am absolutely nul at history, let alone European history. Throughout my year abroad, I’ve definitely improved and gained a genuine interest in a lot of the history I’ve encountered through my travels. Versailles was full of history and so hard to believe such a beautiful place exists.

Both the interior and exterior were truly magnificent. The gold and intricate details on all aspects of the buildings were just unbelievable and to think that this was all made in the 15/16th century. I hadn’t realized that the grounds itself is humongous and one could easily spend more than a day just walking around, exploring and enjoying the sights.