Amiens, France | Travel

Amiens was the first trip we made out of our little city. Arras was located in the North while Amiens was just a little west and it was considered to be a part of the Picardy region. Amiens is known of its cathedral, a World Heritage site is the tallest and largest of its kind in France.

Cathedrals are such magical places. Aside from the exterior architecture and design (which are usually out of this world!), the interiors also are very unique and impressive in their own way. Walking into a cathedral, I would never know what to expect but my reaction is usually a mouth-dropping look of awe. I wish I had enough time to visit more of the impressive cathedrals around Europe however, I’m glad to have been able to take advantage of the cathedrals close to where I was living. My next to-visit cathedral would definitely be the Cologne Cathedral in Koln, Germany.

Another interesting thing in Amiens is known for is the hortillonnages. We were able to go on a little boat ride tour through a grid network of small man made canals, surrounded by gardens on small islands. I love it when city centres are just steps away from quiet greenery.