Kristin & Rory | Engagement | Toronto Ontario, Halifax Nova Scotia Wedding Photographer

One reason why I love photographing so much is because it allows me to capture the beauty of the things and people around me. Everytime I look back on photos, I can hardly believe how lucky I am to have experienced such places. Even in our daily lives, we often overlook the beauty of the places around us but with the lovely technology of photography, we are able to take stills. That's when I often find myself just sitting at home, thinking of how it's possible I could've easily overlooked some of these places!

Kristin, Rory, Paisley (best dog ever!) and I ventured 20 minutes out (just 20!) and found this amazing provincial park. I love being able to shoot in open spaces, especially when there's a dog around!

Kristin and Rory are probably the longest dating couple I know. These high school sweethearts met in Gr.9 and have been together ever since. A ten-year (!!) relationship could never be more apparent with these two. I definitely had a good time trying to sift through the goofy outtakes of the session. Love never ceases to amaze me. I bet the whole world can't wait for them to finally get married!