Romantic Berkeley Fieldhouse Downtown Toronto Wedding | Toronto Wedding Photographer, Halifax Wedding Photographer

From the moment I met Mandy and Dave in a little quaint coffee shop in the city they now called home, I knew they (and of course ... we) were something special. 

M and D held their wedding in downtown Toronto at the Berkley Fieldhouse where every element was DIY-ed by themselves and their closest family and friends. The support and love from their close ones were so apparent and heart warming. As a couple themselves, their love is fun and full. Full of gentle kisses, tiny giggles, big laughs, tender hugs and so much more. They are the happiest around each other and it was such an honour to be able to (literally, non stop) laugh along side them capturing their special day at the Berkeley Fieldhouse. 

I love days like this. Simple, family-oriented and just over-flowing with love and warmth. Thank you M + D, the world is brighter with you two in it <3

Second shot by Max Wong Photography