Intimate Home Engagement Session | Toronto Wedding Photographer

A few months back, these two invited me into their home for an intimate home engagement session and I couldn't be happier with what came of it. These two melt so wonderfully within each other's arms making my job so seriously easy. 

I love these at home intimate engagement sessions for so many reasons. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely am head over heads for beautiful locations and venues. I am completely in my element when I'm out in nature, exploring but there is something different and special about capturing love in such a simple and intimate way. There is nothing distracting, no one watching, no mosquitoes, etc. in the way of two people just enjoying cuddles and each other's company. A lot of times, when I ask my couples what they enjoy doing together in their free time, many say they like relaxing and watching Netflix at home as well! I couldn't think of a better and more accurate way to authentically capture a relationship than putting the couple romantically, and comfortably in their element. :)