Romantic Church Wedding | Toronto, Kingston, Prince Edward County Wedding

The thing about being a wedding photographer is that I get to travel to different places and venues that I wouldn't have gone to otherwise. Whether it be a Toronto wedding or a Halifax wedding or a destination wedding, there are always going to places waiting to be discovered or explored. On my google maps, I have all the places I've travelled to shoot 'starred' and it's really crazy to see the distance and vast place/wedding venues I've had the chance to photograph at! 

This wedding here is from London, ON where I spent two years living! In fact, this was a St. Paul's Cathedral wedding and despite the many, many times I've walked past the church, never once had I thought to go inside! A and C held their wedding ceremony here and I was blown away by how gorgeous the interior of the church was! 

The day started off gloomy and a tad rainy but that didn't stop them from loving on each other so hard for their emotional first look. I love it when couples are vulnerable, allow themselves to be themselves and embrace whatever the day brings, rain or shine! After their St. Paul's Cathedral wedding ceremony, A and C had planned out a little part of their wedding day to have a pint at a local restaurant and bar, The Church Key.  With this, they were able to just enjoy themselves for a bit of quiet time right after being officially announced as husband and wife! Future brides and grooms, wedding days can be so stressful and busy, if you can - try to plan a little getaway time (doesn't have to be super long!!) to just enjoy alone with your new wife/husband! You won't regret it, promise!! :)  

As always, best enjoyed with music <3