Boho Apartment Intimate Couples Photoshoot | Toronto, Kingston, Prince Edward County Wedding Photographer

Have you ever owned or created something so special to you that you were afraid to show anyone else - in case you couldn't do it any justice by showing it? 

This shoot was exactly that. A & C graciously invited me over (nearly a year ago!) to their second floor boho-styled apartment to do an at-home couples shoot. When I left, I felt moved and inspired more than ever. Looking through these photos now, I still feel the same way. These photos are as raw, quiet and intimate as I aim for all my work to be. It's so easy to rely on a location when we're shooting - and as much as I love mountains, water and open fields, sometimes I have to remind myself to zone in and really capture the essence of the subjects I'm photographing. A & C were so in love and in sync with each other - every gesture was gentle, intentional, unstaged, unposed and just as real as it gets. They were vulnerable, open and trusting - all that I could ever ask for. 

To be completely honest, I feel like I could write a million words but nothing ever could really sum up all the positive energy and love I felt photographing them that day. So grateful that my heart gets to be filled up to the brim every single time I encounter and photograph people so in love. 

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