Vancouver Couples Photography Session | Jenn & Wes | Toronto Wedding Photographer, Vancouver Wedding Photographer

Although it's been a while, this has still got to be one of my favourite couple sessions up to date. Canada has so much to offer and I'm so glad I've gotten so many chances to visit out West in the past few years because it is absolutely gorgeous there! It would be such a dream to drive under an hour to be right by the coast to listen to the waves of the ocean. For now, I will have to make due with short trips and adventure photo sessions like these as memories. 

Jenn & Wes were kind enough to have me for a couples session at Whytecliff Park in Vancouver. They are so lucky to call British Columbia their home! It was also so much fun to show them sides of their city that they haven't explored before. They were willing to be super adventurous and climb onto rocks right near the water. At some point, the sounds of the waves were too loud for them to even hear me. To be honest, I wish that would be the "problem" at every session - that the ocean was too loud! I love couples that can put their trust in me like that! 

Going through these photos, I've realized nothing is more inspiring than photographing two people in love, accompanied by beautiful mother nature. Thank you so much you two! <3