Lifestyle Family Sessions


My style of photography is a blend of documentary and lifestyle - I aim to capture all those fleeing moments that happen on a day to day basis, focusing on both the big picture and also the little details. These photos won’t entirely be a depiction of how ‘perfect’ your family is but really, a way of documenting your life as a little family - whether it is you cuddling your little one or them eating cheerios off the floor, I’m there for it. Every time I think about family photography, my mind always goes back to the piles of old school photo albums my family has of my sister and I in the basement. All unposed, sometimes even out of focused, moments captured and forever in print that I can look back on. These photos are inspired by those.


I will offer light direction, giving you little tasks to do here and there but will remain hands off to allow you all to be yourselves for the most part. There will be no stiff posing, or bribing your kids to smile at the camera (ok, maybe a handful to please the grandparents) but just following you and your family around to do whatever you decide to do, capturing beautiful moments in the process. To help guide the session, you may decide on a handful of activities for your family to do (something you do on a regular basis - ie. reading, eating, crafting, singing, cuddling, hiking, cooking, etc.). 

To see my collection of family photos click here.

**Photos are not my own and gathered only for inspiration purposes**

Location: These sessions can take place in the family’s home for the sake of comfort and real-ness but there’s also the option of being outdoors (esp. if you’re an outdoorsy family!), either on a mini walk through the forest or a beach or activity! Being at home may be better for new borns and infants! There’s also the option of starting off in your home and then going outside to a nearby greenspace for the last part of the shoot.

Time: 1-1.5 hours or more depending on how quickly the little ones get comfortable with me! In terms of light, natural light is what I work with so late afternoon, early evening is best 

Images: You will receive a minimum of 70 images, all professionally edited to the aesthetic you see on my other work, uploaded to a private password-protected online gallery that you can download from.

The private gallery can also be shared with family and friends as you wish. You are free to download the photos and print them yourselves. I also offer printing and album design services through a professional printing company. 



I would love to do the session in our home but it’s not pinterest perfect/tidy! 

  • You can leave your place as is or tidy as little or as much as you want. My main concern is getting good light and getting your family comfortable so I can accurately capture the connection and moments within your family.

  • If you’re still hesitant, we can do majority of the photos in certain rooms of the house that are a bit more tidy but remember there is value in capturing your life as it is so that you can look back in 10/20/30 years from now and remember how chaotic life can be sometimes!


What should we wear? 

  • Think comfort and neutral colours! Logos, big prints and bright colours can be distracting!


I can barely get my kids to cooperate in front of the camera! I’m worried they will misbehave with you around! 

  • Let’s all do our best to let kids be kids! I’m not overly concerned about getting all the happy photos - sometimes tears and tantrums can happen and guess what, I’m there to capture that too! Kids feed off our energy so don’t overly stress about getting picture perfect photos but more so, focus on letting them have fun, and showering them with all the hugs and kisses! Hug out the tears, chase out the hyper, tickle out the tantrums! I will get a handful of photos where everyone is posed and looking happy at the camera but if we don’t, for whatever reason, please don’t fret - there will be plenty of photos to pick from.


Please don't hesitate to contact me at if you have any further questions! 

Feel free to browse around my website to get a better sense of how I photograph :)